“Fairy Tales” is on the road again. After being stolen in June 2013 the puppets are back – not the same ones but re-created from the same materials. “Little Fables” is a show where you can see the puppeteer pulling the strings, first a solo puppeteer then two.
Dragons et Grenouille (20mn)

Like animals in a cartoon film, the characters climb out of their boxes and take us back to stories from our childhood, conjuring up our old fears and fond memories. Their cheeky nature gets everyone laughing, young and old alike.

Cowboy (Duel de 15 mn)
petitesfables 19

As in all traditional Westerns a poor lonesome cowboy on horseback heads west through the desert in search of fortune. When he meets the Hen with the Golden Eggs his destiny will be changed.  Their confrontation will lead to an explosive and unhoped-for finale , a stroke of luck from destiny !