The interactive Bar is a feature created by Tonio.photoserveuse
Two impressive wooden automatons serve drinks to customers who puts a coin in the slot. Made from all sorts of bits and pieces, they fit in anywhere (in a street, a park, a square or a garden) and provide an entertaining focal point at a social event.



Marcel and Alice's takes us back into a word of fruit machines, juke boxes and pinball games you could find in bars and street fairs. It offers an original way of buying a drink while under the watchful eye of the bar owner. Put your counter down Madame’s plunging neckline or between Monsieur’s front teeth and you’ll be taken by surprise !


In spring 2016 “The Interactive Bar”
photoserveuris taking on a new bar-tender, a monkey who specialises in soft drinks.  In summer a parrot, a real chatterbox, will be joining him.  At your service!