Synopsisvde hommefort-18
In a world of fantasy and magic an eager and highly imaginative puppeteer tries desperately to bring back life. After making a creature endowed with supernatural strength to assist him with his work he then sets about resuscitating a fiancée for him.

“L’Homme Fort” touches on cinema myths such as “Frankenstein” for the connection between a creator and what he creates, and “Conan the Barbarian” or the famous fairy tale “Beauty and the Beast”. The show deals with universal themes and gives a new lease of life to characters from mythology or legends you will certainly be familiar with.

Set Design

This eye-catching and poetic production uses life-size figures made of wood and steel which are manipulated by the puppeteer from the top of scaffolding. The tale is both comic and tragic and blends humour with emotion in a set composed of rusty metal, revolving wheels and pulleys.