A whatsit,  a widget, a thingamajig (the French say “bitoniau” by the way) –where would we be without one in our tool-kit?  And maybe that’s how it all started, with an observant little boy watching his father doing DIY.



At his family home near Nantes, Anthony Mainguet  “Tonio” brings to life through the “Compagnie Bitonio” a universe inspired by fantasy films and comics which lets us share his childhood dreams, his passion for puppets and for wood-carving.


For nearly twenty years he has been devising shows which cross frontiers.  He has performed in over a dozen countries at events and festivals featuring street entertainment, music and puppet shows.


At the moment the “Compagnie Bitonio” presents three productions appealing to all types of audiences.  In “Fairy Tales” you can discover the dexterity of the string puppeteer, in “The Interactive Bar”, a bar run by automatons, and in “The Strong Man”, life-size marionettes.

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