Ar The Interactive Bar, if you give a chip to the wooden autamatons, they give you a drink.

The Bar may be installed in any places (street, place, parks) and offer a user-friendly place in the heart of your event.

The Interactive Bar

These autamatons serve drinks !

   The interactive Bar is a feature created by Tonio. Two impressive wooden automatons serve drinks to customers who puts a coin in the slot. Made from all sorts of bits and pieces, they fit in anywhere (in a street, a park, a square or a garden) and provide an entertaining focal point at a social event.

In spring 2016 “The Interactive Bar” is taking on a new bar-tender, a monkey who specialises in soft drinks. 

In summer a parrot, a real chatterbox, will be joining him. 

At your service !

Plunge into the universe of the ghost train and the winding journey of a ball along the rails of nightmares.

In a team discover a pinball game, take part in a visit of the haunted house … and affront the attack on the train !

The Ghost Train

Your hands are on the controls !

 This adventure saw the light at the “On the other Side” festival (Animakt). Tonio creates the sculptured figures and Raoul Petit is the game writer. The Ghost Train went on the road in spring 2018 for the “Mar Marionetas” festival in Portugal.

 The Ghost Train is a lively, challenging AND collaborative game. Three players, with three balls work out together how to solve the puzzles one after the other.

Will your three lives be enough ?

This show deals with universal themes and gives a new lease of life to characters from mythology or legends you will certainly be familiar with...

The Strong Man

Electric wooden automatons

   In a world of fantasy and magic an eager and highly imaginative puppeteer tries desperately to bring back life. After making a creature endowed with supernatural strength to assist him with his work he then sets about resuscitating a fiancée for him.

   This eye-catching and poetic production uses wood and steel life-size figures manipulated by the puppeteer from the top of scaffolding. The tale, both comic and tragic, blends humour with emotion in a set composed of rusty metal, revolving wheels and pulleys.

Little Fables” is a show where you can see the puppeteer pulling the strings, first a solo puppeteer then two.

Little Fables

Puppets are coming out of the box

   Like animals in a cartoon film, the characters climb out of their boxes and take us back to stories from our childhood, conjuring up our old fears and fond memories. Their cheeky nature gets everyone laughing, young and old alike.

   As in all traditional Westerns a poor lonesome cowboy on horseback heads west through the desert in search of fortune. When he meets the Hen with the Golden Eggs his destiny will be changed, their confrontation will lead to an explosive and unhoped-for finale !

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